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Message from the ROA National President
Layne (ROBO) R. Wroblewski
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Message from the ROA National President

Hello everyone,

December brings a variety of celebrations and memories as we focus on what is important to our families. This is a brief update on your association as we close out 2023.

First, I am excited to announce that we have approved ballot voting for the organization. This is transformational as it engages more members to participate in the association’s business without the need to travel to meetings in Washington and throughout the US. I have asked the staff to evaluate how to implement this as soon as efficiently practical. Expect to see more information on this early next year.

Second, we have canceled the March leader’s meeting in Washington for 2024. This was a decision we did not take likely. The congressional calendar makes it difficult to plan our meeting in an affordable and effective manner for our attendees. I encourage the National Council to hold a virtual meeting and conduct any business as needed. I also recommend you reach out to your congressional leaders at your local offices and attend town halls as they meet. We will evaluate the annual leaders’ meeting at the next Executive Committee meeting to determine its efficacy for future years.

Third and lastly, I am excited to announce that we have also adopted strategic tenets that will define our value entering 2024. The mission of ROA is memorialized within our charter, but we’ve further defined our mission, vision, values, and priorities. We still have work to do in all these areas, but I wanted to share with you what your association will concentrate on beginning in 2024:

Our mission:

To support US national security through a focus on the

reserve component and their families.

Our vision:

To be the premier military service organization for the reserve component

of uniformed services, veterans, and their families.

As this year comes to an end I am reminded of the men and women who have gone before us, who continue to serve, and those who haven’t yet but will someday. It takes men and women like us to leave both the nation and organization in a better place. Brooke and I wish you the very best health & joy for 2023 and optimism & success for 2024.


Layne (ROBO) R. Wroblewski

Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

83rd National President

Reserve Organization of America

Reserve Organization of America

1 Constitution Ave NE

Washington, DC 20002