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National News

FY 2023 National Defense Authorization Act

H.R.7900 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 has passed the House of Representatives.

Sponsor: Rep. Smith, Adam [D-WA-9] (Introduced 05/27/2022)(by request)

Committees: House - Armed Services

Committee Meetings: 06/22/22 10:00AM 06/09/22 10:00AM 06/09/22 9:00AM (All Meetings)

Committee Reports: H. Rept. 117-397,Part 2; H. Rept. 117-397

Committee Prints: H.Prt. 117-54

Latest Action: Senate - 10/11/2022 S.Amdt.6442 Amendment SA 6442 proposed by Senator Reed [more...]

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