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About NCROA About the Organization

Department Executive Committee (ExCom)

Department President-Ihor "Iggi" W. Husar, COL USA (Ret)

Secretary-Mike Moose, LTC USA (Ret)

Treasurer-Thomas M. Froneberger, LTC USA (Ret)

Immediate Past President-James R. Adams, LTC USA (Ret)

Past ROA National President-Paul Kayye, RADM, USN (Ret)

ROA Strategic Planning Committee Member-Peggy Wilmoth, MG, USA (Ret)

ROA Executive Committee Member (Naval Services)-John N. Leonard, CDR, USCG (Ret)

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About the Reserve Organization of America

ROA’s “A Century of Service to America”: The history and continued service to America’s Reserve force and the nation’s military readiness.

With its unequaled credibility on America’s Reserve Components, ROA is a powerful advocate in Congress, the Pentagon and VA, and policymaker offices throughout Washington. ROA leads the nation’s efforts to ensure the Reserve Components are strong and ready, and Reserve Component families are well cared for.

Since 1922, The Reserve Officers Association of the United States, now known as the Reserve Organization of America to reflect its all-ranks membership, has championed the cause of the Reserve Components at home and in war. The evolution of that mission has helped protect the rights and benefits of individual members of the Reserve force and their families, while preserving a strong and capable Reserve force as a critical component to our national security. ROA continues to serve the Reserve and National Guard in an era where the need is greater than ever before.

In 1922, after the first world war, General of the Armies John “Black Jack” Pershing helped form ROA to ensure America had a strong Reserve force – he and his fellow founders of ROA knew war would come again. It did and with ROA’s support, the nation had a cadre of Reserve leaders on which to rebuild its armed forces. From every background and branch, “citizen-warriors” have served their country; from duty at home, to Europe to Vietnam, the Pacific to Southwest and Southcentral Asia, Africa and now space.

For 100 years ROA has been the only organization solely dedicated to supporting the Reserve Components and their critical role in national defense. ROA is America’s only exclusive advocate for the Reserve and National Guard – all ranks, all services. With a sole focus on support of the Reserve and Guard, ROA promotes the interests of Reserve Component members, their families, and veterans of Reserve service; and conducts a legislative campaign that ensures the readiness of our Reserve force. Together, ROA’s members sound off in one voice for one mission.

Reserve duty has changed, with increasing operational missions. So has the “new” Reserve Organization of America. ROA provides the tools, resources, support, education, and advocacy Reservists and their families need to succeed, in and out of uniform.

We call this—Reserve Strength. Reserve Life .

Reserve Strength

Vigorous advocates fighting for a powerful national defense with a strong Reserve force as an essential partner in the total force.

A trusted, influential, and effective voice in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. Policy experts leveraging Reserve Component-specific knowledge and skills.

Leaders in the effort to sustain the resources necessary for trained, equipped, strategic and operational Reserve Components.

A legislative agenda dedicated to the needs of the Reserve and National Guard..

Reserve Life

A dependable source for RC professional development and education. A network of serving and veteran members of the Reserve force.

Deployment and transition resources for members and their families.

Military skills, national security, and language training with fellow NATO Reserve forces. Opportunities at the local, state, and national levels to build and lead ROA’s future.

An ROA revitalizing for its second century is an opportunity for new members to help shape the new ROA. You helped make history in uniform, now help make the new ROA!

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Memorandum of Agreement Signed

Memorandum of Agreement Signed
NC NGA Building
Working with the NCNGA

The North Carolina National Guard Association (NC NGA) authorizes Reserve Organization of America (ROA) North Carolina Department to use its NC NGA Headquarters building at 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 as ROA’s official address. NC NGA further authorizes: 1) ROA to conduct its Executive Committee meetings as needed with 30 days’ notice; 2) utilization of an NGA post office box for delivery of official correspondence.

North Carolina National Guard Association (NC NGA), 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

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Membership Joining the NCROA organization

NCROA History Where we come from.

Congressional Charter

Founded in 1922 and under congressional charter since 1950, Reserve Officers Association of the United States (ROA), now doing business as the Reserve Organization of America, advocates for adequate funding of equipment and training requirements, recruiting and retention incentives, and employment rights for all members of the Reserve. It also advises and educates the Congress, the president, and the American people on national security.

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Documents Official documents of the ROA

Zoom Call Minutes-16 November 2023


(This message includes 3 attachments, related to this ZOOM CALL.)

DEPARTMENT EXCOM - CALL to ORDER - - President Husar called the meeting to order at 1700 hours.

The Prayer was offered by Mike Moose. Iggi Husar led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL - Secretary Moose called the Roll, with the following in attendance:

President - - Iggi Husar

Secretary - - -Mike Moose

Treasurer - - Tom Froneberger

MG Margaret Wilmoth - ROA Medical Committees

Commander John Leonard - National EXCOM


The Minutes of the October ZOOM Call were approved as published.

Pres. Husar stated that the new Draft Department By-Laws have been sent to Diane Markham for review.

Treasurer Froneberger summarized the 2024 Budget and Financial data. (see Budget and Monthly Report attachments)

Iggi Husar mentioned that he will research the most recent payment for our ZOOM Account.


Iggi Husar mentioned that he is drafting the 2024 ZOOM & In-Person Meeting Schedule.

Ongoing Department Merger -

Discussions followed concerning the topic of considering merging with other Southern Departments. Iggi stated that Camerone Trent (SC) has a ZOOM Call scheduled for Dec. 18, at 8PM. He will send Log-On info to anyone who wants to participate in the ZOOM.

MG Wilmoth, John Leonard and Mike Moose stated various historic aspects of past ROA mergers by other Departments, during the past 20 years. Mike Moose mentioned that many past mergers resulted because of desperation of lack of leadership and bad financials experienced by other Departments. There are Pros and Cons to consider before any merger is approved. If North Carolina decides not to merge, our Department can still continue to cooperate and communicate with any nearby Departments.

Wreaths Across America -

Tom Froneberger encouraged members to approach local businesses for 2023 Wreath Sponsorship.


Iggi mentioned that he is working with ROA National, to identify out of state members, who may be willing to transfer to their current states of residence. This would improve membership communications and simplify Department Operations, for the long-run.

March Leadership Meeting -

Iggi discussed the March Meeting in DC. Mike Moose is interested in attended this gathering of the National Council and other Department Leaders.

Family Readiness & Reserve Unit Outreach -

Iggi stated that he has been in contact with the 81st Regional Support Command (RSC) Family Readiness Office at Fort Jackson, SC. He will also contact the 108th Division (Charlotte) Family Coordinator about possible participation in Family Readiness events in North Carolina. These events might offer indirect recruiting of new members and identifying current ROA members, currently serving in NC Reserve units.

Other -

Mike Moose mentioned that he will participate in a National Council ZOOM Call at 8PM on 16 Nov. He will be serving on ROA's Marketing & Communications Committee and the Resource Development Committee (Fund Raising), if those 2 committees will be continued, as part of ROA's Strategic Plan.

This ZOOM Meeting was adjourned at approx. 1800 hours.

(Please share these minutes as needed.)




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